The F&P ICON +  is the new upgraded version of the ICON. The ICON Auto Plus is the ultimate luxury model of Auto pressure CPAP machines manufactured by Fisher & Paykel. The ICON Auto Plus has full efficiency download and compliance capability.

Fisher & Paykel ICON Auto +

    • Auto Algorithm - The ICON Auto uses a flow-based auto-adjusting algorithm to continually check for flow limitations, apneas, and hypopneas on a breath-by-breath basis. When an event occurs, the Auto algorithm begins to increase pressure until the obstruction clears or the maximum pressure setting is reached.
    • SensAwake Technology - SensAwake is a pressure relief technology. We all experience subconscious waking through the night – at which time pressure intolerance is likely to occur, SensAwake monitors CPAP airflow and reduces pressure levels when respiration becomes irregular. Irregular breathing is a general marker that a user is transitioning from a sleep state to an awakened state.The SensAwake prevents users from awakening and ultimately improves therapy effectiveness for a restful night of sleep.
    • ThermoSmart™ Technology is at the forefront of Fisher & Paykel Healthcare’s humidification philosophy, and is compatible with each model of the F&P ICON™ family
    • Features of the ThermoSmart™  - 
    • More comfortImproves sleep qualitiy and total sleep time

      Lowers nasal airway resistance for 10% lower pressure

      Eliminates condensation even in a cool sleeping environment while delivering high levels of humidity.

    • SmartDial: Sleep Data & User Functions - The default menu for the Icon is the Simple Mode which can be reached by pressing the SmartDial on the front of the machine.
    • Features of the Smart Dial are:
    • Humidity: Turn smart dial to select desired humidity and press again to select the level.

      Sleep Data: Press and hold for 7 seconds, turning the dial to move through compliance information.

      Ramp: With machine air flowing, press and hold for 3 seconds to turn on ramp.

    • Data Communication InfoSend™ View: The patient can relay sleep data from the display screen of the machine, which can then be verified using the F&P InfoSmart™ software.The physical SmartStick™ can be sent via the mail for data download, or the sleep data can be sent electronically via the web.
    • Data Reporting  -The ICON AUTO's USB SmartStick will record up to 365 days of summary compliance and efficacy data, 30 days of detailed efficacy data (AHI, Pressure, Leak), and cumulative data from the machine's first use.Compliance statistics can be viewed on the ICON's screen. More advanced information can be viewed using Fisher & Paykel's InfoSmart Software.
    • Icon + Auto CPAP machine with built in heated humidifier
    • Icon Water Chamber Tube
    • Icon CPAP Machine Filter
    • Icon Heated Tubing 
    • Travel Case
    • User Guide
    • 2 Year Warranty (can be extended to 5 Years)