Portable Oxygen Concentrators

Oxygen concentrators are machines that take in atmospheric air and filter it through sieve beds of zeolite to produce high concentrated doses of oxygen.

Portable Oxygen Concentrators (POC) are designed to be transportable to provide oxygen therapy anywhere, any time. POC's are great alternative to traditional small oxygen cylinders and can be carried or wheeled on a trolley. They are battery operated and can also be used via a DC outlet, like an in -car cigarette lighter or when plugged into 240 vac mains power.

There are 2 differnet types of portable oxygen concentrators, these are Pulse and Continuious.

PULSE machines deliver oxygen in small regualted doses which are triggered by the breath of the patient. This enables the machine to operate longer on battery power.


CONTINUOUS machines have 2 modes of delivery. These are PULSE and CONTINUOUS Flow.

Continuous flow delivers a regulated stead flow of uninterrupted oxygen. 

It is important that you get the right machine for your condition, please seek your Doctors direction on which machine you will be prescribed.


Note: Oxygen is classed as a medicine and therefore can only be supplied on a prescribed basis. We are unable to supply medical oxygen products without a script from a medical proffessional.

We offer the widest range of portable oxygen concentrators on the Mid North Coast at very competative prices and interest free payment plans.

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