CPAP Therapy is delivered via a CPAP Mask. The 3 main types of CPAP masks are Nasal Pillows , Nasal Cushions and Full Face. Each deliver the prescribed therapy in a slightly different way and a specific type may be prescribed by your specialist.

Finding the right mask for you is a critical part of starting your CPAP Therapy. If your are not comfortable sleeping in your mask you will more than likely be non compliant and inconsistant with your therapy, in turn this may lead to you not adequaitely treating your sleep apnoea.


Nasal Pillows have small silicon pillows that sit directly into the nares. These masks have minimalised straping around the head and offer the lowest impact to face. (Nasal Pillows are not suitable for people on prescribed pressures above 14cm H20)


Nasal Cushion Masks have a silicon, cup like cushion that cover the nose. These masks offer greater stablility and support and are less likely to move during the night.


Full Face Masks have a silicon cup that covers the nose and mouth. These masks are ideal for people who find it difficult to only breath through their nose.

Nasal Pillows

Automatic Machines